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April 2023

2nd April 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

3rd April 2023

Mahavir Jayanti

4th April 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

5th April 2023

Parent Orientation in Audi

6th April 2023

Good Friday/ World health day

10th April 2023


13th April 2023


20th April 2023

World creativity and Innovation Day

21st April 2023

Id-ul-Fitr/ World Earth Day

May 2023

4th May 2023

Budha Purnima

10th May 2023

National Technology Day

13th May 2023

Mother’s Day

14th May 2023

International day of the family

10th May 2023


19th May 2023

Mother’s Day

28th May 2023

Last working day students / teachers

29th May 2023


June 2023

5th June 2023

World environment day

7th June 2023

World Ocean day

18th June 2023

Father’s Day

21st June 2023

International day of yoga / World Music Day

25th June 2023

Teachers reporting / Teacher Training In Audi

26th-27th June 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

29th June 2023


30th June 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

31st June 2023

Global day of parents

July 2023

2nd July 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

3rd July 2023


17th July 2023

Nelson Mandela Day

World Chess Day

19th July 2023

20th July 2023

International Tiger Day

29th July 2023


31st July 2023

Teacher Training In Audi

August 2023

5th Aug 2023

International Friendship Day

14th Aug 2023

Independence Day

18th Aug 2023

World Humanitarian Day / 3-Way Conference- Nur- Grade VII

28th Aug 2023

National Sports Day

29th Aug 2023


September 2023

3rd Sep 2023

Literacy week

4th Sep 2023

Teachers’ Day/ International Day of charity/ Literacy week

7th Sep 2023

Literacy week

6th Sep 2023

Janmashtami/ Literacy week

7th Sep 2023

World literacy Day

13th Sep 2023

Hindi Diwas

14th Sep 2023

International Dot Day

15th Sep 2023

Assembly- Nur and KG in Audi

20th Sep 2023

International Day of peace

27th Sep 2023


October 2023

1st Oct 2023

Gandhi Jayanti

2nd Oct 2023

World Habitat Day

6th Oct 2023

Term 1 Report and PTM Nur-Grade VII

9th Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day

15th Oct 2023

World Food Day

20th Oct 2023

Assembly- Grade 5 Inset- Teacher Training In Audi

22nd Oct 2023

Dussehra break

23rd Oct 2023

Dussehra, United Nations Day

21st Oct 2023


November 2023

4th Nov 2023

Assembly- Grade 2 In Audi

9th Nov 2023

Diwali Celebrations

10th Nov 2023

Diwali Break

11th Nov 2023


12th Nov 2023

Govardhan Puja

13th Nov 2023

Bhai Duj / Childrens’ Day

14th Nov 2023

Childrens’ Day Celebrations

17th Nov 2023

Assembly- Grade 7 in Audi

26th Nov 2023

Guru Nanak’s Birthday

Dec 2023

1st Dec 2023

Annual Sports Day

15th Dec 2023

PTM- Nur-Grade VII

21st Dec 2023

Christmas Celebrations-In Audi / National Mathematics Day – Assembly Grade 6 In Audi

24th Dec 2023


29th Dec 2023

Winter Camp / Assembly- Grade VII

Jan 2024

8th Jan 2024

Teachers Reporting

9th Jan 2024

School reopens Nur-Grade VII

14th Jan 2024

Makar Sankranti

20th Jan 2024

Assembly Grade -3

24th Jan 2024

International Day of Education

26th Jan 2024

Republic Day

Feb 2024

3rd Feb 2024

Art Exibition

14th Feb 2024

St. Valentines Day

17th Feb 2024

NLC – Nur-Grade V/ PTM – Grade VI & VII

28th Feb 2024

World Science Day

March 2024

8th March 2024

Mahashivratri/ International Women’s day

21st March 2024

World Poetry Day

22nd March 2024

World Water Day/ Graduation Ceremony-KG/ Session End- Nur & KG

25th March 2024


27th March 2024

Session End & Term End Report – Grade-I-VII

28th Mar 2024

PYP Exibition/ Graduation Ceremony-Grade 5

29th March 2024

Good Friday

30th March 2024

Session Break