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I conserve.. I preserve..

I take action!!

A peek into a thrilling week

Learners at KR Mangalam Global School, Gurugram celebrated ‘No Plastic Week’ with utmost zeal. To tune in with the concept and understand the effects of plastic on marine learners performed an engagement where they brought tubs filled with water and some plastic trash. They put all the trash into their tubs which was their mini ocean. They were asked to put their favorite toy into the tub filled with plastic trash, to which all of them refused. This engagement helped them to understand the plight of animals below water. Giving them an insight of the change that they could bring, they watched a video of Mr. Afrosh Shah who cleaned plastic and other trash at Versova beach and brought a wave of inspiration for others to follow him.

They progressed in the week by doing a plastic audit at their homes to find out the amount of plastic waste generated. Moreover, learners suggested alternatives like cloth bags, jute bags, paper straw, steel straw, wooden spoons to replace plastic in our homes. They sorted all the alternatives that are convenient to find and are harmless towards mother nature.

Going further, learners made connections as they surveyed their surroundings for the amount of plastic waste littered around. Following this they made posters to spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on all life forms on earth.

The week was full of invigorating engagements which led to a meaningful action where learners cleaned their societies and collected plastic waste to be set to recycling stations. All the engagements and action helped them to equate with sustainable development goal No.14.”LIfe Below Water”

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