"At KRMGS we believe that our students are capable of greatness and we ensure we provide the perfect space for them to grow in."

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we see well-rounded education as the only way to move towards a future of togetherness , synergistic growth and a global sense of community. We, also understand how crucial these formative experiences are to a child. With that in mind, we have a student – teacher ratio of 10:1, so that every voice finds the attention it requires to thrive. The school has been designed, keeping in mind the International Baccalaureate’s philosophy of helping students become global citizens.

Our Enrichment Programmes

"Variety is the spice of life, Discovery is the spice of learning. Our enrichment programmes brings together a host of fun filled, skill focused experiences"

  • Learning Stations
  • Sports
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Library
  • Performing Arts Studios
  • Visual Arts Studios

Learning Stations ​

Learning stations are physical locations in the classroom where students are asked to solve a problem and answer some questions using the materials provided. The students are allowed to work individually or with as many people.


Outdoor sports facilities for:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Shooting
  • Skating

Indoor sports facilities for:

  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Gymnastics and Yoga. 

Music and Rhythm

At KRMGS traditionally, there of course is trying to learn a new instrument, but when it comes to music as the focus of your enrichment activity, it can mean more. For instance, kids can get involved with digital music creation, feeding their inner-composer to create the next big electronic music hit!

By using professional software to create their own beats, and then learning how to polish them to studio quality, kids can realize creative potential they may have never known existed.


K.R. Mangalam Global School houses a separate library for the junior and senior sections. Stocked with great learning and researching material in the form of journals, books, C.D.s, and multimedia centers for enhanced learning, each library is equipped with technology to allow students instant access to all forms of knowledge.

Performing Arts Studios

  • Speech & Drama Center
  • Indian & Western Dance
  • Vocal & Instrumental Music
  • Indian & Western Music

Visual Arts Studios


  Pottery & Sculpture