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Creating an enabling environment

Creating an enabling environment

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment”

—Maria Montessorie

The school environment and inspiring space design plays a central role within our program. Our school environment empowers children to explore, to inquire, to try new things, to work together, and to make sense of the world around them. We design our schools to be real world manifestations of children’s interests, passions, and curiosities.

Engaging all senses

Our schools have a wide variety of learning spaces designed to engage all senses of children. These varied learning spaces provide children with a broad range of learning experiences and help maximise discovery and problem-solving.

Create Curiosity

An educator is sometimes an actor, sometimes the set designer, sometimes the curtain and the backdrop, and sometimes the director – who is even the audience”

A high-quality early learning environment cannot exist without its central actors - its educators.

Children are always keen to get to know their teachers and their personality, so that they can seek mother figures in them and don’t feel hesitant in sharing their ideas with their teachers.

Our educators respect the child’s ideas and desires and allow children to learn from their mistakes. They accept these young minds whole-heartedly and build their curiosity by maintaining interesting mementoes on their desk or through the learners’ favourite books in their reading area to start conversations and build rapport. As a part of their daily schedule, teachers get a lot of non-contact time. This allows them to spend time on their own growth, share experiences among themselves, organize a child’s progress document, and accordingly make future lesson plans.

Resist the urge to create the finished article

Everyone wants to “wow” their new class with their beautiful learning environment, but one has to remember that it belongs to learners as much as it to them. We believe that every classroom should grow along with its children. Hence, we ensure that we have space in every classroom for our learners to put up their stamp on it.