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Our Learning Landscapes

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

—Maria Montessorie


The KRMG Specialist Programme aims to build well-rounded students. Specialists – who are experts in their respective fields – work collaboratively with homeroom tutors to scaffold meaningful project that allow students to create, explore, and grow as lifelong learners.

Students receive specialist instruction in art, music, technology, language, P.E., and science. Students visit one or two of our Specialists every day. Specialists create enriching curriculum and work to integrate classroom subject studies into their areas of expertise.

  • The school has a very active international student exchange and collaboration programme. While the student exchange programme is an annual event with the Ozanan School in Lille, France, the students have virtual interactions and discussions with student from other countries such as Qatar, Nepal, Australia, USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa etc.. Such interactions give the students actual exposure to the life of a student in other nations.

  • An annual leadership camp is held over four days for the students of all classes wherein the students go through various tasks and activities that help them strategize and become effective leaders. These camps may be held in either on / off-campus mode.

  • Each class is taken on a monthly excursions – this comprises of a day-trip to a place of educational interest. The students leave from and arrive back in school in the course of the school day. The places to be visited are carefully selected to suit the age and interest level of the students.

  • Subject Enrichment (Talent) classes are held for the students to give them specialized coaching in the field of the visual as well as performing arts if the students have a special inclination in the field.

  • Student workshops are held regularly on topics such as Career guidance, Women’s safety, Cyber security, Peer pressure, Social courtesies, Traffic safety, Stream selection, Substance abuse, etc..

  • Weekly club periods give the students an exposure to nearly 25 different activities. These club activities are compulsory and the students are required to choose a club in each of the two terms. These include sports, games, music, dance, art, craft, pottery, environment, self-defence, theatre, robotics, astronomy, sculpture, culinary arts, multimedia and animation etc.

  • Dignitaries from various fields are invited to the school to interact with the students and give them an insight into their achievements. These include women achievers, dignitaries from the performing arts field, educationists, defence personnel, eminent environmentalists etc.

  • Each section of the school conducts a special assembly on a pre-decided topic for the rest of the sections of the class. This ensures that every single student is given an opportunity to perform on the stage. Apart from section assemblies, House presentations and Annual presentations ensure that the students develop stage confidence.

  • Qualities of empathy and wanting to contribute to the enhancement of the lives of the underprivileged are qualities that are developed in the SCOPE program that is organized by the students themselves. Under the banner of SCOPE – School’s Community Outreach Programme in Education – students organize drives in the field of literacy, hygiene, education, food, welfare, etc.

  • Yoga is a holistic science that recognizes that the health and fitness of the mind and body are of paramount importance to our happiness and well-being. At KRMG, our Yoga programmes endeavors to equip students with an abundance of Yoga Techniques and concepts meant to build self-awareness and self-discovery.

  • All national and international days are celebrated in school. Students deliver a talk and an audio biography of the dignitary of the day in the daily assembly – this is done on a rotational basis so that students learn the art of public speaking.

  • In PSPE, students learn the importance of physical activity and how to appropriately engage in various types of movement. Classes emphasize different components of fundamental and specialized motor skills through interactive games and engagements. These engagements keep students regularly in motion and build a strong foundation of physical and cooperative skills intended to strengthen students’ confidence and encourage lifelong physical fitness.

  • Set within a fun and challenging environment, the Hindi programme is designed to celebrate India’s national language and to encourage students to be open-minded towards gaining a balanced and meaningful insight into the manifold nature of Indian culture.

  • The Music and Dance programme gives students opportunities to experience music in a fun, hands-on, and creative environment. The curriculum is designed to deepen children’s understanding of the elements, skills, techniques, and fundamentals of music and dance. Students create, perform, listen and respond to music and rhythm in a variety of ways, working both individually and with others. Music and dance are woven throughout the curriculum as the visual language and kinesthetic medium for students.

  • Children need the imagination to grow, create, think, and play. At KRMG, all our students are deserving artists who take part in all the events on an equal footing. Our Theatre programme allows students to explore a variety of styles and aspects of theatre. The curriculum spans topics such as devising techniques, world theatre, theatre history, implementation of theatre theory, and theatrical design.

  • Our learners are engaged in a learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. Experiential learning activities that include, but are not limited to, hands-on laboratory experiments.

  • The Art programme is designed to help each student express their creativity while teaching the foundational artistic concepts – such as the elements of design, colour theory, and the contexts in which art is created. The programme is structured to integrate frequently with classroom curriculum while collaborating with the rest of the Specialist team, in order to extend and deepen each child’s learning experience. In addition to art creation, students are continuously guided to make connections and respond to a variety of artworks in order to further their comprehension and appreciation of the visual arts.

  • The KRMG Library prepares students to navigate the complex world of information. They use both print and digital resources in an ethical manner, evaluating and synthesizing information to solve problems, further research, and foster their curiosity. In addition, students develop a lifelong love of reading as they become acquainted with stories and literary genres from around the world.