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Our Learning Pedagogies


We believe children learn best through structured, purposeful inquiry. This pedagogical approach is focused on student inquiry and the principles of constructivism, encouraging learners to construct their own meaning and take the responsibility of their learning process. Students are encouraged to ask questions, investigate and find ways to answer these questions, and to sustain this enjoyment of learning throughout life. ( INquiry cycle schoolss)


Students spend their time at school exploring and learning about important concepts that have relevance in their own lives, and that they can transfer to other contexts. Their learning to be transferrable to new situations – not locked in time and place Our aim is to develop students’ understanding of big ideas, not just their knowledge or skills.


“We strongly believe One size doesn’t fit all”
  • The learner is at the heart of our curriculum framework.
  • Differentiation allows us to continually challenge each child at his or her own pace.
  • Children come to school with a range of experiences, backgrounds and prior knowledge.
  • We aim to design learning engagements to suit children at all different levels of competence or experience, providing support for those who need it, and extensions for those who need more challenge.


Learning is a social endeavor, and there is great emphasis on sharing, group work and collaboration at our school thus fostering social and cognitive development and to lay the foundation for learning in multiple academic areas. Different learning sections thoughtfully encourage children to explore practical life activities, sensorial experiences, math, language, culture and science. They learn to communicate well, to encourage each other, and to develop an open mind so they can learn from each other thus Developing social skills through collaborative play.

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