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Parents as partners

Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings spaced out over the academic year to ensure that each parent has had at least six formal interactions with the teachers of the school regarding their ward’s progress in the school.
Direct telephonic contact with the class teacher during specified times in the post-school hours
Bized – the school communication portal through which parents are kept updated on the attendance and upcoming events of the school.
Class WhatsApp groups for intra-class communication

At the K R Mangalam Global School, we believe that parents are important stakeholders of collaborative learning as Children achieve more at school when their parents are involved in their education.

Parents and teachers have a common goal: to facilitate the best educational experience possible for students.

When parents and teachers communicate with one another, they are able to work together towards this common goal.

KR Mangalam Global school fosters a strong and positive relationship with parents by

  1. PTM
  2. Weekly Newsletters
  3. Unit letters
  4. Parent orientations for the unit of inquiry
  5. Student-led conferences
  6. Parents to come into the classroom or contribute to action and service-learning projects. These interactions create a positive relationship between school and home.
  7. Guest speakers and workshops.


Parents of students studying in the PYP Section may seek an appointment by writing an email to the coordinator-

A meeting will then be scheduled at a suitable time for both the parents and the concerned teacher.


Nursery to Grade 6

28th May 2022 I

3 Way Conference

Nursery to Grade 6

13th August 2022

Term 1 Report & PTM

Nursery to Grade 6

8th October 2022


Nursery & KG

16th September 2022


Nursery to Grade 6

10th December 2022

Winter Camp

Nursery to Grade 6

30th December 2022


Grade 1

11th February 2023

Grade 2 & 3

25th February 2023

Grade 4

3rd March 2023

PYP Exhibition

Grade 5 & 6

11th March 2023

Graduation ceremony

Grade 5& 6

13th March 2023

Graduation ceremony

Grade KG

17th March 2023

Session End

Nursery to Grade 6

17th March 2023

Term End Report

Nursery to Grade 6

25th March 2023