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At the heart of the programme’s philosophy is a commitment to structured, purposeful inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning under the six Transdisciplinary Themes.

These six transdisciplinary themes of global significance provide the framework for exploration and study:

  • Who We Are
  • Where We Are in Place and Time
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • How the World Works
  • How We Organize Ourselves
  • Sharing the Planet
Transdisciplinary Learning

One of the core experiences of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is transdisciplinary learning. With this innovative approach, students study various subjects under one theme. They also gain vital skills, which they apply as they work collaboratively with their peers. These skills encourage students to take responsibility for their learning as they ask questions to understand the world around them and explore topics that interest them. 

At KRMG, learners go across, between and beyond subjects, and emphasize integrated learning. The acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills, in their broadest sense, is essential as these skills to provide students with the tools to inquire more effectively.


It is our aim to create learners who feel valued and respected for their social, emotional, creative and academic qualities and are at the heart of a happy, calm and successful school. The IB learner profile and approaches to learning are key programmatic elements that encourage well-being in the school.

Enhancing social and emotional competencies includes improving self-esteem and developing empathy and respect for each other, supporting the PYP’s aim of preparing students to have the capacity to participate in the world around them.


We foster the love of reading as reading is key to a student’s future success. Reading promotes creativity and autonomous learning, as well as a student’s drive for knowledge and study, both of which are critical for future success. Our library and its resources are the heartbeat of our school. At  KRMG, Book Week brings the joy of reading into the classroom.


Our framework begins with the premise that students are agents of their own learning and partners in the learning process. Students use their

initiative to take responsibility and ownership of their learning. By learning through inquiry and reflecting on their own learning, students develop knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills and the attributes of the IB Learner profile to make a difference in their own lives, their communities, and beyond.


Modern India demands that students not only understand and appreciate their role in Indian culture but in the broader global community as well. At KRMG, students are supported to consider multiple viewpoints and perspectives and to learn widely about the world around them. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to actively contribute to a broader community. Students from KRMG pursue opportunities to enhance the lives of others and to support the health and well-being of our planet. We teach our students not only about their community, but also about the universal commonalities that connect us all to one another. Students learn to listen carefully to others, to help one another, to share what they have learned, to coach one another, to participate in-group discussions, to hone their individual skills and develop areas of expertise. We believe that developing understanding and compassion for different languages, cultures and perspectives and empathy for the needs of others is essential to the moral development of a child and the creation of compassionate global citizens.