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parent feedback on online classes

What is parent feedback for online classes? Is it worth it

Parent feedback on Online Classes – A complete guide

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a drastic shift in the education procedure of the world. The immediate announcement of lockdown in the country led to the shutdown of physical classes which gave a rise to online education. Though online education has taken up the pace, we cannot ignore the fact that offline classes cannot be completely replaced. So, let’s discuss in brief the parents’ take on various education systems.

In this blog, you will read about the differences between offline and online education and what are parent feedback on Online Classes & offline classes.

Offline Education vs Online Education 

To survive in the dynamic environment, schools are trying to opt for new technologies in their education system. As a matter of fact, online education is becoming more flexible and students are able to get all the learning resources in the comfort of their homes. It is a digitalized tool of teaching wherein students can study while sitting back at their homes. It is a fair and less time-consuming process. All the communication and discussions happen digitally.

While if we talk about the offline education system then it is the traditional education system in which teachers decide the pace of learning. Offline classes have a strict schedule that all the schools follow. We can say that online education can be the future of learning, but it cannot replace the comprehensive approach of the offline education system. The face-to-face interaction of the students with the teachers helps the students to grasp new topics effectively.

Advantages of Offline Classes:

  • Communication is the key

Effective communication and learning processes give the students a chance to learn and grow on the school premises by creating a friendly and comfortable environment that helps them to adapt various concepts easily.

  • Personal Attention 

During offline classes, personal attention is provided to every student as they have a chance to interact and learn under the guidance of teachers.

  • Constructive Interaction 

While taking offline classes students have the authority to clear all their doubts while studying the topic in the class and can easily interact with teachers.

  • Competitive Environment 

Furthermore, online classes offer a competitive environment for students to grow while studying with their peers which creates a zeal among the students to do better.

Therefore, keeping all these points and conditions in mind parent feedback on offline classes has been quite positive. Parents appreciate the fact that their ward can get personal attention from the teacher. In addition, many parents feel that their children are more disciplined when taking offline classes.

Offline classes also give children a chance to interact with other students and learn from their experiences. This can be helpful for children who are shy or have difficulty making friends. The teacher can also provide more individualized attention in a smaller class setting.

Advantages of Online Classes:

  • Convenient and Flexible

Online Classes are more convenient and flexible as compared to other traditional platforms which can help the students to balance their time, family obligations and can invest more time in self-development.

  • Educate at their Homes

 Online classes offer comfort to the students which can help them to learn and grow while sitting back at home which in return can help them to save time.

  • Accessibility of Hour and Place

Online classes offer a great advantage as it allows the students to attend classes according to their preference and comfortability.

Besides the fact that Covid-19 has disturbed the whole education system, K.R. Mangalam Global School has converted the curriculum in such a way that it has not affected the learning process in fact it is the same as offline classes. All the guidance and support are provided by our faculties also, parents are appreciating the efforts made by our school during these tough times which has not hindered the process of shaping the future of their ward.

Advantages of online classes and offline classes

Let’s read some parent feedback on online classes which has encouraged the school to initiate new efforts in shaping the future of little ones.

Gurpreet Kaur, Parent of Aavia Narula – Kindergarten

“ Firstly, thank you so much for all your efforts during online/ offline classes. It feels great when I see Aavia enjoying her studies and activities through online/ offline sessions. She loves all her teachers and her school. All the teachers are kind and compassionate. I really appreciate the fact that K.R. Mangalam Global (IB) team is unstoppable beside this lockdown. The engagements done during the virtual classes are designed thoughtfully and executed perfectly.

We were thoroughly oriented into the program, and I can see my daughter enjoying everything done at school. The curriculum plan surely focuses on the holistic development of the students. The way play is incorporated within academics is highly appreciated. I appreciate the efforts put in by all the teachers in making learning so much engaging and valuable. You all are working so hard. KUDOS to you all and a big thank you.”

Shankari Chowdhury & Jayejet Sarma, Parents of Agniv Sarma – Nursery

“It has been an overwhelming experience for both me & Shankari, to see Agniv start his journey as a learner & try to develop his communication & academic learning, through the efforts of the KR Mangalam teaching team. The way things have been prepared & dished out to the students through the virtual classes, we don’t think it could have been done in a better way.

When Agniv started, we had doubts because of his shy nature & communication issues (arising out of the language barrier); but a couple of discussions with Ms Priyanka helped dispel those doubts & gave us the confidence to pursue the methods recommended by her. Now, we are happy to say that Agniv has come a long way in his communication & his confidence has been good, thanks to all the learning he had during these months (although we missed out dearly on the physical connects whenever they were done).

The overall learning, which includes all the facets of personality development, has been a real positive of the curriculum; &  the team of teachers, especially Ms Priyanka, with her engagement skills &  teaching methods make the sessions really fun, for the children. We thank the entire team of KR Mangalam Global School, for taking care of our children & helping them grow into responsible citizens from the very beginning”

Shilpa Khurana, Parent of Abir Khurana-Nursery 

“I really appreciate all the efforts that the school puts into virtual as well as physical classes. The classes are fun and interactive. Through these online classes, students are gaining so much insight into the world and are becoming so knowledgeable. My kid enjoys all the co-curricular and extracurricular activities done in the school. He also enjoys classes like music, art, fitness, and dance so much and he is connected with all the teachers.

The curriculum spread allows the overall development of my child. I am grateful to the whole team of K R Mangalam global school but special thanks to my child’s class teacher Ms Priyanka ma’am.”

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and making my kid’s virtual school journey so amazing. He looks forward to meeting you, his friends, and attending school always. I am highly satisfied and happy with my kid’s progress. 

Why do parents prefer Offline classes over Online classes?

 Offline classes are preferred by most parents because of various reasons. Some important reasons are discussed below:

  • Parents feel that offline classes offer students a chance to interact with teachers who can guide and teach them the importance of discipline. The classroom is considered a place wherein students sit and develop an interest in studies and develop their communication skills.
  • Parents feel students get disturbed while they study at home as they feel the learning atmosphere is missing, especially, little ones get distracted very easily. Therefore, parents prefer offline classes.
  • Offline classes provide students with a practical learning environment that can help them to adopt practical knowledge while they are in the classroom.
  • Especially for the primary wing students, school is considered to be a place wherein kids can learn new habits and manners while taking online classes proper attention is missing hence parents prefer offline classes over online classes.
  • While students attend school they get a chance to learn new skills and can become independent as IB school aims to empower school-aged students to take ownership in their learning so that they can help to develop future-ready skills.

There is no definite answer to this question as to the efficiency of the classes generally depends on the motivation among the students. As it is witnessed that online classes are less disciplined as every discussion is done virtually, due to poor network connections students might face problems coping up with the classes while offline classes help to do one on one discussions more easily.

Our school believes in project-based learning that offers benefits to students wherein they can get practical knowledge while getting theoretical knowledge too.

Offline Classes are not affected by technical issues while in online classes technical glitches can affect the learning process.

During the initial tenure, it was difficult for the students and parents to opt for the new educational changes but slowly and gradually they are trying to adopt new changes.